I believe in as much disclosure as possible.  It is true that every home is unique and as such, the price of the home inspection for each home is also unique.  But to force a customer to call in to possibly be subjected to a big sales pitch in order for them to get an idea of the pricing for a home inspection is something that I don't believe in nor do I believe in some of the exorbitant prices that some inspection companies charge.  We are all tested & licensed (or at least should be) by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and all should follow the same "Standards of Practice".

The average price of my home inspection for a single family home is $375.  Below is my pricing list.  Price will vary depending on square footage, number of bedrooms, basement or no basement, number of mechanicals such as multiple HVAC units, etc.  Please be as forthcoming with the homes information as possible so there will be no pricing discrepancies at the time of inspection.  The prices below are based on a 25 mile radius from the 60152 zip code.  Upcharges for mileage outside the 25 mile radius are $25 and up, depending on distance. 


Single Family Home:     $300 to $450**
Townhouse:                     $275 to $350
Condo:                               $275 to $350
                       Radon:                               $150 & up                   
    Pool:                                   N/C *See Below
                       Mold:                                 N/C *See Below                                                                             
Pools: No matter the sales pitch, one of the most important parts of a pool inspection is the electric.  That is what is going to kill you if done incorrectly.  The electric is included in my grounds and service panel inspection which is part of the main inspection.  So why pay extra for it?  I will inspect the electric (including pool light if accessible), decking, pump and plumbing (if not winterized and accessible) and basic overall condition of the visual portions.  I can explain the filter operation but by the time you close on your new home, the best thing is learn from the internet or your local pool chemical supply house.  For someone to tell you that they will test the water is ridiculous.  The water condition literally changes day to day.  Don't pay for a sales pitch!
Mold:  THERE ARE NO FEDERAL, STATE, CDC OR EPA THRESHOLDS ESTABLISHED FOR MOLD!  MOLD SPORES ARE EVERYWHERE!  That being said, all home inspectors look (or should look) for visible signs of mold as well as evidence of water intrusion and condensation which could lead to mold.  Since this is a part of your home inspection, why would you pay extra for it?  I am IAC2 certified in mold but do not charge to inspect for mold.  Why would you pay to have a sample taken and shipped to a lab?  Don't!  Only a few species of mold are harmful to people but to me, mold is mold.  If I find it, I recommend remediation which is typically paid for by the seller.
**  Although my pricing states a maximum of $450, the price for larger, "estate" type homes and rural properties with outbuildings will be negotiated. 
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