10% Off 2nd Time Around Discount

I offer what I refer to as a second time around discount.  Basically, if the home that I inspect fails to close and falls into a certain (criteria listed below), you as the client will qualify for 10% off price on your next home inspection.  What does that mean?  

Example:  If I charge you $350 to inspect your home and it fails to close and the home is within the listed criteria, your next home inspection on a home that you have a contract on would only cost you $315.  Why?  Because at times, sellers can be very uncooperative and I don't believe you, as my customer should have to continue to fork over huge fees to be happy.

 This discount is applied only once.  In other words if you have really bad luck with sellers and you end up with two or more properties that didn't close and they all fall within the criteria below, the 10% off the original fee stands and is not lowered an additional 10% for subsequent homes.  

And the discount applies to like properties.  If your first property that failed to close was a three bedroom, 1600 sq ft house but your next property is a five bedroom 3500 sq ft house, the 10% off would be applicable but only to the price adjusted for the larger property.


1)  The original property being inspected has to be a regular sale.  Not listed as an "as is" property.

2)  The property being inspected cannot be a "for sale by owner" and you as the potential buyer have to be represented by a licensed Realtor®.

3)  There cannot be any blatant or obviously noticeable safety or structural issues that should have been noted on your previous walkthroughs or were in the MLS listing and were more than likely evident to the seller, such as a heaved basement floor, bowing foundation walls, deficient, out of date electrical panel or evidence of a leaky roof.  Most items flagged in a report are easily fixed by the seller.  But some are not so easy or financially acceptable to the seller.  In other words, you shouldn't make an offer on a house in need of major repairs unless it is seriously discounted to balance out the cost and you know what you are getting into.

4)  The closing has to fail due to something that was sited in the home inspection report that the client wanted repaired or be compensated for at closing that the seller was not willing to correct or provide compensation.

5)  The property needs to fall into my driving guidelines which is 25 miles from the 60152 zip code or you should be willing to add on half of the original "out of area" driving expense.  

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