The comfort of knowledge, the satisfaction of quality customer service.

Working For You Every Step of The Way

Don't get nickel and dimed out of your shorts for extras that should have been part of your inspection in the first place!

As a single parent, I know all too well the importance of making the right decisions the first time.  As a home inspector, I don't believe in nickel-and-diming my clients by adding on extras which should already be included in a quality home inspection.  Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make.  This is no time to shop for a cheap inspection or someone that you have no confidence in.  The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the home being inspected.  I am determined to perform inspections of the upmost quality, with integrity.  For you, the buyer, I make sure that you know and understand every fact about the property that you are purchasing.

Anytime that you are purchasing a property, I understand that it is a HUGE investment.  Everyone involved needs to know every aspect of the property.  I take pride in providing this service.  The majority of my business is from client referrals and from real estate agent recommendations.  I work directly for the client.  That is you!  My job is to insure that you understand every item that may be reported.  My job does not end after the report is completed.  Should you have any questions months down the road, you are encouraged to give me a call and I will do whatever it takes to insure that you are completely comfortable with the property.
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